Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Glare reduction

Kalara took advantage of two things last night, the downpour after the thunderstorm and the fact that it was too warm to rug the pony trio. Using her decisive horse sense (horses are only sensible when they decide to be) she knew today would be clear and sunny so she attempted a glare-reducing mudpack just like Bear Grylls'.

Monday, December 27, 2010

Turning up the heat...

...and then turning it up again. Yesterday was fairly oven-like but today when the outside thermometers (we have 3) competed for the highest score and the one on the mini weather station won at 52C things have really got out of hand.

It is very possible "real" farmers would laugh at us, but when all the troughs are within walking distance - or, in this heat, staggering distance - why not do what you can to make life more bearable for the critters? We emptied all the ice in the freezer into the troughs to make them drinkable. The ice was gone in less time than it takes to say "My eyes are melting", but it did lower the water temperature by several degrees.

It was enough to keep the fish alive, certainly. There are several goldfish and some brownfish (goldfish that haven't... well.. turned gold) in the troughs eating all the mosquito larvae and trying not to be kookaburra food. That is what they are there for. Eating the mozzies that is, not being bird dinners. We never feed the fish. They thrive quite happily on all the innocent young of various bugs and flying creatures that lay their eggs in the troughs and would otherwise spread disease, bite everything that values it's skin and be a general nuisance.

More of the same is forecast for tomorrow, Total Fire Bans, heat, mozzies and sun. The freezer has been stocked with heavy-duty ice cubes freezing in an assortment of plastic cups, lunchboxes and bowls. They should last a little longer in the troughs. Elrond the blind sheep has learnt to lick the ice like a popsicle so he can play with these floating mini-icebergs and hopefully feel a little less stressed.

Saturday, December 25, 2010

The animals were there

A little child might be born of lines of kings, have rich and famous people visit with expensive gifts and have generations celebrate it's birth, but the humble people (such as the shepherds in fact) being included in this celebration is what makes it so special. Not only the humble people, but the cows, and the sheep out on the hills, the donkey and the camels. The animals.

There are no better witnesses for love. We can learn so much from them about how to look after our young, how to stick together in a flock and how to be loyal and brave. No-one needs a McMansion, all we need is a warm bed of straw and to be surrounded by our animals.

Merry Christmas everyone.