Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Do I know ewe?

Snowy's first introduction to sheep was when she came to us. Unfortunately it was an informal affair and the sheep, not being big on social mores, simply rushed me looking for food. On discovering I had none, but something else new, they surrounded her as if to say "Oh we see you've got a new dog, does she have any food?"

Snowy, finding herself suddenly surrounded by a towering pile of rather smelly wool blocking out the sun, with several noses snuffling her loudly and none of them introduced to the concept of wolf vs ruminants, simply cowered. Then refused to go near the sheep again.

On a sheep farm, this is problematic.

So it's been a slow and gentle process to reintroduce her, formally this time and observing all the polite codes of conduct, to the valley's inhabitants one by one.