Saturday, April 24, 2010

"We know you're in there..."

Whenever I open the horse shed door it rolls back with a distinctive rumble. A rumble, in fact, that all the animals have come to know. For, being the biggest shed we have, most of their feed is also stored in there, and if we go in there it therefore follows in the animal mind that some feed might come out.

Animal minds thinking this en masse make for a welcoming committee that is hard to resist. Or indeed, just hard to get through on your way to somewhere else. Especially if you're home late and it's nearly dark.

What you can't hear from this photo is the massed voices demanding supper. If you are trying to get through to somewhere else before dispensing supper that is not on either. They will hurry to tell you so thus cutting off both your forward egress and your escape route, giving you the devil-eye all the time.

This is quite endearing the first 1457 times, but on a cold, wet, autumn evening with all their fleece soaked and pressing against you soaking your own, well it gets a bit tiresome. You learn quickly to dispense supper to the masses then get on with your other evening jobs. They'll leave you alone in the dark then.