Saturday, May 8, 2010

Civilised canines

Snowy usually gets a daily walk into her fitness regime and I try to follow. Cooler days now are making a brisk trot round the district much more pleasant than in the summer's heat and the autumn leaves are falling.

One of the disadvantages of me not being able to run like a beagle is that Snowy must then walk decorously on a lead to stay with me. Also because, being your typical beagle, she would hare off a the first interesting scent that came her way and there goes your afternoon. This stately promenade however means she sometimes gets cold.

So we like to pop into the neighbour's for a nice cup of gossip. Snowy tells the latest to old Jill, who doesn't get out much,

then they both discuss the local goings on with Jimmy

whilst Jaeger remains aloof, receiving guests in a more formal manner.