Saturday, May 15, 2010

'Frosty' but no snowman.

The first real frosts of the year have fallen onto the valley, adding a subtle crunch underfoot on the new seasons grass.

No ice on the troughs or frozen wool on the sheep, but just enough to let you know autumn is on the way out, leaving a space for winter to roll on in. The parsley is crisp, along with the morning air, making the animals just that little bit happier to get their morning feeds.

No real damage done, except for missing out on making a large batch of pesto with the last of the basil from the tomato patch. This has now turned to mush and will be headed for the compost.

With all the animals fed, gates opened for the daily graze and horse rugs left on until the temperature gets warmer, it's time to head inside for breakfast by the fire.