Thursday, May 13, 2010

Leaves leaving

Autumn is in  full flight in the Hills now, and so are the leaves. Since raking leaves up is a futile process whilst loads of them fall each day and there are so many other jobs pressing for time with the shortened daylight hours, they stay unraked.
Except for the chickens, they like to do a bit of raking. If we could just get them to work as a team instead of in different directions they might be more effective.

Among other gardening jobs they could turn their claws is spreading mulch. They do this rather well. Too well, mostly. Very well indeed over lawns, paths and other non-mulch requiring places. Not at all on mulch loving fruit trees, roses or vegetable patches.

Vegetable patches in fact get their own special treatment, similar to that of an agent orange drop zone, so the chickens are generally not allowed into vegetable growing areas. When we're watching anyway.