Tuesday, June 22, 2010

OHS (Occupational Health Sheep)

The collecting of firewood is an ongoing task. Every year we say we'll collect a lot in spring (October-ish) and let it season over the summer, then have a pile of wood to use the following winter. This plan never quite seems to happen and very year sees us collecting wood through the winter. We choose old fallen wood but not wildlife-habitat trees, as it's already seasoned for immediate use.

We took advantage of a sunny day without much wind today. So did the sheep. They appeared on the firewood worksite en masse,

and wanted to check out everything. They inspected the way the logs were being cut,

and the condition of the logsplitter. It needs sharpening.

They informed me that the old sack I use for carting logs is coming apart where the rope handles attach.

We asked them if they would help cart wood down the hill, but they declined.

They had some winter sun to inspect elsewhere in the paddock.