Friday, June 18, 2010

Soccer log

A while back a large chunk of this eucalyptus tree, which is really two eucalypts growing together, fell down. Just like that. They do that. It scattered leaves everywhere, drove bark into the soil and scared Princess witless but apart from that no lasting damage was done. So we cut it up.

SO left the bit you see sticking up to the right for a reason. It's a sheep scratching post. The sheep used to lean on it for hours rocking back and forth with blissful looks on their faces itching the parts they can't reach and he didn't see why he should deprive them of this pleasure. Anyway, we stacked the cut logs up against the tree to season. They can stay there for a year collecting spiders and snakes, shedding their bark and drying out for the fire. Except this one:

Every morning we find it by itself out in the paddock. Every day we put it back. Thinking it had just fallen from the pile I wedged it round the back. The next day it was down by the fence again.

It's possible the sheep are just rubbing against it and it rolls down the hill, but it's always the same log. A much more entertaining idea is that - this being the Bachelor Pad - they've caught the excitement of World Cup fever and are using it to play soccer. Elrond rolls it round with his nose, perhaps they just selected the roundest one for a bit of sport.