Monday, October 1, 2012

Eggstreme living

I am hoping today is actually the Queen's Birthday Holiday otherwise I'm missing the first day back to uni after the spring mid-term break, which zoomed by like an escaped beagle.

The impending return to the civilised world means today's jobs include making enough portable lunches to survive the week and finding clothes with no rips, tears, grass seeds or animal hair attached. Their extreme rarity means that at this point I usually just buy new clothes, but since it's a public holiday that option is limited. The lunches may be easier to achieve as we are inundated by eggs from the zealous feathered ones. I see a lot of quiches, pikelets and vegetable slices in our immediate future.

They're becoming quite fashionable, the chickens as well as the slices. Several of our former suburban customers have chickens of their own now. and we are often involved in conversations regarding their upkeep, housing arrangements, egg recipes and internal hen house politics. While on the whole I regard this chicken-keeping boom to be a Good Thing, it does mean we need to cook our egg glut, for which I must first clean the oven. Perhaps we'll have fried eggs instead.

In an effort to just get on with it as it's 5 weeks until exams (thunder roll, psycho music)
Today's study: the wonders of the mouth, dentition and differences between carnivores, ruminants and equines,  why horses need dentists but don't actually like them.