Sunday, October 14, 2012

Tiiiimme Waaaaarrrrp

The interwebs are tangled and our reception and transmission has become reeeeaaaallly...... slooooooooww.
It took about 8 minutes just to log on (bringing in firewood whilst waiting) and get to this point. It's good for housework in that I get impatient and Do Things whilst waiting but not conducive to study, on-line research or interesting blog posts. Ice ages form and melt whilst a single site loads. Perhaps that's because unforseen snow - yes, snow - in October, in South Australia, this week (yes, really!) may or may not have had something to do with the world wide web being swept up by the houseproud broom of the gods and our sole local telecommunications tower being fritzed.

The tower on a hill near the local town has been struck by lightning, threatened by bushfires and flooded before, so it becoming snow-bound is also quite possible. It might have just seized up in surprise. Now it's 28C on the back verandah and probably warmer in the sun. The animals are all lazing about in it, but the weeds aren't. They're recharging their superpowers and making up for lost time. On the bright side I hung out a load of washing whilst this picture loaded (of where I would offer you a seat to wait if, indeed, there was any vacancy). More posts to come ... eventually.

Study revision: the charming, poetic and highly detailed descriptions of saliva, it's production, content and variability. Think I'll read about that over lunch...