Saturday, October 6, 2012

Spring has sprung

Springs, plural, have also sprung. They would be quite useful if they would kindly spring in places other than high-use trackways, the septic pit or the middle of the carport.

Nonetheless, water in any form is good. Stored water better, and as the morning ice melts off the roof in quite a musical fashion it adds to the already overflowing tanks. Tanks are a great conversation point in the hills and the relative levels of everyone's tanks at various times of the year is a polite addition to weather-centric small talk between neighbours. The temporary return to winter has also seen a temporary return to winter temperatures. Firewood is lying about all over the place in piles from storms but firewood cut, split and dry enough to burn is at a premium. This has driven small, warmth-loving mammals to trial new potential sleeping places.

Today's study revision: bones: as growing in young animals, bones: as broken in older animals and bones: as eaten by dogs.