Thursday, September 30, 2010

Big 'Un

Priscilla's lone lamb lad is growing rapidly, helped by her copious milk supply and a complete lack of competition. The lack of competition is also a lack of potential playmates and although he doesn't know it yet, Big 'Un is missing something. The party is yet to really start. Judging by previous year's lambs, when everyone else arrives it will be a circus. Until then he only has Mum to play with.

Big 'Un was nicknamed this by SO due to his 10 day advantage over the next nearest Little 'Uns, who are still confined to quarters whilst they finish their colostrum, graduate to normal milk, get a bit stronger and used to the cold. Big 'Un might be lonely but they've discovered him and can't wait to come out to play.
Big 'Un for his part is amazed to find small sheep that look like him.