Monday, September 6, 2010

Storm clear up

When the dogs went out the other day they were startled to find woolly monsters rustling in the bushes. We've had several small trees fall over or shed bits of themselves in the storms recently so there are branches fallen all over the farm. Recovery work is slow. Mainly because once the trees are down they pose no real danger and there is so much else to do that the simple task of clearing up gets put on the back burner. So the sheep like to assist with clearing storm trees. They particularly like to assist with the tasty ones.
Gimli and Elrond are currently in the ram yard grazing that before reseeding. In an unforseen bonus a wind gust dropped an acacia in full flower on their fence. It was an opportunity not to be missed. A lolly scramble!

They munch the further branches using teamwork. Gimli's a bit short to reach them and has to put his head through the fence whilst the leggy Elrond leans over the top. Elrond pulls the branches down to Gimli who holds them, chewing delightedly, whilst Elrond munches the higher parts.
Wilber watches, intrigued. The younger sheep invite him over, giggling. He's always cautious, but discovers the sweet acacia buds, only in flower for a few weeks now, are a culinary delight not to be missed. Gourmet grazing.
Even when they've stripped the reachable branches bare the wethers keep reaching for more, licking the bowl and scraping their plates. Elrond chews the last tasty morsels of bark off each stick, much to Wilber's amusement.
We'll throw them the rest in portions each day as we clear up too. They'll have a wonderful lunch and leave us just with a pile of sticks for kindling. Perhaps the council should employ sheep as storm debris crew?