Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Celebrity dog

Walks with Snowy the beagle are quite often interesting, occasionally adventurous and sometimes eventful. Tonight she collected an entourage of fans in a group of young Murray Grey steers. She was just nosing around after foxes near their fence, one of them spotted her and said something like "Phwoaaarrr, lookit the redheaded dog!" in cattle-speak and they all crowded over to ogle her.
They were fascinated with her. Being adolescents they all had to jostle and crowd and follow her along the fence, calling out comments (which I could only understand as "mooooooaaww!") and asking for her autograph. Snowy declined, donned dark glasses, turned up her collar and held a paw to the camera, shunning fame. She hurriedly took an alternative route along the verge.

The steers continued to follow her for the length of their paddock, peering between bushes and trees hoping to get another glimpse of their idol before she disappeared from view altogether.

Then they went back to grazing until the next interesting thing came along.