Friday, August 13, 2010

Assembling for deployment

"You want us to go where?"

Our sheep are not herded in the conventional fashion. They are too tame and simply laugh at our efforts to drive them using the traditional scare methods. Instead, bribery and tricks are the order of the day. Their reluctance to be yarded also may have something to do with "crutching" being the process required. Perhaps the older, wiser sheep with more experience have tried to reassure the lambs regarding their first crutching. Or perhaps they thought it amusing to tell horror stories to them instead.

Either way, the promise of sheep nuts - communicated by shaking the familiar white buckets - overcomes any future fears for immediate gains.

Having a date with the hairdresser tomorrow, albeit only for a trim, means the woolly wonders need to keep dry tonight and tomorrow morning. With the forcast for storms and hail, whether their human herders will keep dry tomorrow morning remains to be seen.