Monday, August 2, 2010

Storms from the south

For the past 36 hours it's been blowing a gale and raining heavily. So heavily that we couldn't hear ourselves think at times. At other times Georgie the poodle told us what we should think in no uncertain terms as the wind howled with her. Snowy was philosophical about it all although slightly depressed at only going out between hail falls for relief stops.

Although it was still raining on the morning's rounds yesterday I was surprised to find the chimneys still attached to the house, and counted all the stock with a bit of a knot in my stomach. They were all still upright, amazingly, and the neighbour's lambs even seemed to come out of it unscathed, although still looking for shelter anywhere they could find it.

I'm quite amazed at their strength really, for a solid two days they were wet through and the wind was icy, blowing straight from the Southern Ocean. The only other land mass it may have traversed would have been Antarctica. They only ways they could have kept warm were against their shorn mothers and with the energy from their meagre milk. Still when the rain stopped long enough to watch them the lambs were still nosing curiously, checking out hidden places in the blackberry brambles and strange things like sticks.

Today the storm has lost interest and wandered off, after a few half-hearted rain squalls this morning. The animals also seem more cheerful. I could learn from them. They put their heads down, ride out harsh weather and make good use of any ray of sunshine.