Saturday, August 28, 2010

Shake your tailfeather

Trying to find something feathered and female to display to means the peacock-in-unauthorised-residence is sometimes reduced to putting on a show for a captive audience. The lawn in front of the henhouse makes a good stage and he's got room to turn around there doing the seductive dance of the feathered fan.

He never seems to display to the hens when they are freeranging. Perhaps hens out on the town in a group scare him (they seem to scare most blokes). The presence of Silver Boy, the aggressive Araucana rooster may or may not have something to do with his sudden shyness when meeting hens in a more informal setting but whilst the hens are confined to quarters he's all dazzle and confidence.

Silver Boy may not be impressed but whilst the peacock is showing all his eyes all other eyes are on him. The hens all crowd forward to the viewing area making appreciative cooing noises or suggestive cluck cluck clucks and watch for the duration whilst Silver Boy hovers behind hissing at them to be ladylike and behave.