Thursday, August 12, 2010

Preliminary preparations

The sheep get crutched on Saturday. At least, that's the plan, but the best laid plans of mice, rats and other rodents overrunning the place... So the sheep shed has had to be cleared and set up ready. This entails moving about 30 bales of hay to the horse shed (because of a slight planning oversight) to allow room for the portable yards to be set up under cover. The operation was watched with interest by key stakeholders.

The weather should hold for today and tomorrow but the Bureau of Meteorology has issued a Sheep Grazier's Advice for Saturday. Of course. Heavy rain and small hail. Every creature will be looking for cover. At least it will only be small hail.

The weather is only a partial concern to the sheep, however. Their fleeces are now at 3/4 length, about as deep as my hand and wonderful insulation. Their ears get a bit cold and hail is hard to live with, but that's not the main concern of the newest lambs, still not a year old. Their big worry is what, exactly, the rather worrying term of "crutching" means.