Monday, October 25, 2010

Anonymous lamb

This small chap doesn't have a name yet and possibly never will. He was left behind in a paddock by his flock. He was probably the weaker of twins, but couldn't keep up with his athletic comrades. Thankfully our kindly lamb-raising neighbour found him before he became supper for foxes. She and her husband had been raising him on a bottle for a few weeks and, due to the vagaries of shift roster timing, found themselves without someone there to feed him recently. This is the first year we have not had a bottle fed lamb, so we could easily take on lamb catering for a day.
He has astonishing fashion sense. We still have quite cold nights here so he wears a dog coat. Yes, that's a fur collar. He is shut away under cover overnight and when no-one can watch for dogs or foxes in a chicken house with a dozen rescued battery hens and some female ducks who were being persecuted. Hopefully he won't grow up thinking other sheep have a few straggly feathers and like to dip their heads under water. He's let out to run around as often as possible, but always seems to want to get back to his poultry friends. It's as if he feels he has to look after them.