Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Berry beagle

With all the warm spring sun lately everything is bursting into leaf. Last year's strawberries are hoisting themselves up again and Snowy is quite happy about this.

Snowy loves strawberries. I'm not sure how she discovered this, she had none growing at her old home. We've never actually given her any. She probably just trial-tasted them like she does everything else and having a particularly juicy and sweet one got addicted. Which is understandable.
They don't appear to give her hives and I'm sure if she was susceptible she would have broken out all over. She eats enough of them. Before we realised what she was doing she made her way through an entire bed last summer, eating all the ripe ones the lizards, the lorikeets, the peacocks and the millipedes had left. Sometimes she also consumed the ones the millipedes were currently eating whilst they were still inside. Death by dog. Just slightly crunchy fruit to her. We didn't get many strawberries ourselves, despite once having enough to make jam in the years before wildlife and domestic pets took over the garden. There are no strawberries this early in the season of course, but Snowy lives in hope and continues searching.