Saturday, October 9, 2010

How much wood can a woodcat chuck?

The black and white brothers are self appointed load inspectors, particularly when it comes to a consignment of potential warmth. Unfortunately the long rains of early spring, the impassible quagmire that was the raceway access to the hill and the fact that all the suitably cured deadwood left is high on slippery slopes added up to the inevitable. We had to just buy firewood instead, like some sort of normal person. It's the first time in 3 years, but it's still very annoying. Had we had 36 hours in a day we might have got a few loads with the wheelbarrow but with sheep inconveniently lambing all over the place we ran out of time. And steam. So we compromised with just one ute load of ready cut wood.

What a luxury it was to just heave it in from the verandah. SO did split some larger logs with the mallet by way of anger management therapy, but for the rest there was no real work. Just dry redgum ready to burn. Everything brought home on the ute or in the trailer is subject to sniffing for quarantine and quality by a representative of the furry house pets. Jamie was concerned we hadn't quite filled the tray completely,

but after making sure there was no-one in the cab and the vehicle wouldn't suddenly move off,

he ascertained that the load was of the best wood available and had no mice, rats or random wildlife among it.