Sunday, October 10, 2010

Parallel universe

Whilst we plug along looking after this place in the Adelaide Hills, on the other side of the world Tony and Tracey run a smallholding, Bernese Mountain Dog stud and general menagerie on the border of England and Wales. Their blog, see the"Parallel Universe" link in the right margin -->
is a constant source of delight, encouragement and camaraderie to us. The very idea of recording the goings-on here in blog form came from Tony although I could never hope to reach the heights of his sheer humorous brilliance in relating the joys and tragedies, frustrations and triumphs of smallholding as we do it. So many of our philosophies, goals, and struggles are the same although T&T don't have bushfires and we don't have snow and everything is reversed chronologically. It's amazing how many times we've read a story about there that could be transposed to here only with different weather.

Tales From The Rock is such an inspiration that often in the middle of wrestling with wayward creatures, fighting the force of gravity or struggling with the vagaries of the climate I've thought about how Tony would write the story, had a laugh, picked up and carried on with gusto. People like him make smallholding what it should be - great fun. We are lucky to have wonderful friends and neighbours in real life who often lend a hand or need a hand thus teaching us so much. We are blessed to have such sympathetic virtual neighbours as well.

One of the best things about Tales From The Rock are the beautiful photos. Recently we received two gorgeous coffee mugs with some of the best TFTR photos on them. Such a generous gift and we are so grateful. SO's reads "Tales From The Rock Virtual Helper" and mine has "Kathy loves Tales From The Rock" which indeed I do. My name. Up in lights. Heh.

In short, I recommend you read Tales From The Rock. Allow several hours, you'll be hooked. It's really good.