Saturday, October 23, 2010

Class of 2010

Trying to get the lambs to all pose together for a group photograph is just slightly easier than herding cats, but only slightly. Initially they started to line up with little Paula still hurrying to her place and the friends in the back row chattering and giggling, but Bianca the black and white lamb of dubious origin was late.

I'm not sure what the lamb equivalent of making bunny ears behind others heads in photographs is, but not being able to with their hooves perhaps they just use their own ears. Pamela's lad was feeling shy and Bianca was still having breakfast.

Eventually their 15 second attention spans were all fixed on the same thing when they marveled at a magpie on the shed roof. Although Pamela's lad had lost interest and wandered off, Cherie's tiny twins were still too small to come out and Bianca had a more important thing to finish.