Sunday, July 4, 2010

Breakfast at Princess'

Chester tries to look innocent as he waits for an opportunity to steal Princess' breakfast.

Every morning the dry ewes and wethers get fed their own hay near the sheep yards, around the side of the hill from the horses. This is supposed to keep them separate, but Chester's onto this game. Every morning he's the first one up the ridge, down the slope and into the horses' yard because lucerne is so much better than clover. He always turns up with the other sheep though, he doesn't just wait with the horses. He starts breakfast with his comrades to avoid suspicion then sneaks back when they are all heads down, munching. Some of the lambs have learnt by this, however, and turn up a few minutes later too.

We could just shut the gate, of course, but there is no trough in the yard and the horses have to be let out later and not forgotten about until noon, by which time they are very thirsty. Ask them how we know. The other thing is that the ancient gate only really works on the honour system. Gem opens it whenever he feels like it. The lambs simply go through it and it's held together by an old lead rein and a lot of baling twine. The animals are ok, but it's safer for the poor old gate if we don't move it.