Thursday, July 8, 2010

Goat in a coat

This is our neighbour's pet sheep, Akmal. He lives with his two Saanen goat companions rather than with the rest of the resident flock so he is known as the goat in a coat.

I kind of feel like an Aunty to Akmal. When he was found crying on the side of the road he was barely a few days old and it was cold weather. The neighbours took him but he had to have frequent feeds and to be kept warm to start with. There were a few days when they were all at school or work so we sheep-sat him in our living room. We put one of Georgie the toy poodle's coats on him. He's seen here inspecting the contents of the wood box to make sure the fire will keep going.

He was easy to look after, the classic dear little lamb.

He's more than three years old now, but is still a dear, and considers himself one of the family. He was originally kept with the four dogs, but ate all the citrus trees, so he went to live with the goats. He's helping with the cattle work here, making sure the paperwork is up to date.

He still thinks he's a dog, or certainly one of the family. He waits at the gate and will follow you about - with his goat-girls in tow of course.