Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Cows on the moove

Our neighbours mustered their cows the other day for a regular tune and service. We helped out by supplying smart remarks and advice - from outside the yards - on how to not get kicked. Afterward a select group of steers and heifers were taken to another neighbour's place for a holiday. To do this we all had to pitch in to get them from one property to another via the road without too many detours.

His house is on top of the hill, ours are in the valley. The difference in temperature can be up to 10 degrees Celsius. When our garden is completely white and crunchy with frost he sits in the morning sunshine and looks down on our cloud cover. He had commented on how fluffy the cows were down in the valley, living as they were in Antarctica. Now they were going on a holiday in Bali.

The younger cows had never been to the new place. The older cows showed them where to go.
The younger cows, being adolescents, knew everything, thought it would be uncool and backchatted their elders as they'd found what they thought was better pasture on the other side of the road.

There was the solitary individual, shunning his family and staying upstairs playing computer games. Unfortunately he got caught in the blackberry brambles and had to be rescued and given a good talking too about his attitude.

The older cows used their experience whilst waiting to take advantage of the ungrazed verge before they no longer had access to it.

Finally everybody was safely behind closed gates and checking out the new facilities which also sometimes double as a rifle range.

Curiously, they all seemed reluctant to go beyond the rifle rest to actually inspect the shooting targets.