Tuesday, July 27, 2010

House inspection

Lately we've been watching the chickens while they're out scratching up the garden. Sometimes we find convenient jobs to do in the vicinity, but with the surrounding hills bursting at the seams with foxes we're not game to leave them alone too long. They don't want to be game, either.

Yesterday's convenient job was, in fact, right there in the chicken house being it's regular cleaning and bedding replacement. On these occasions the chickens actually want to come back in of their own accord. They need to check that the cleaners are doing their job properly,

...that the bedding is - quite literally - up to scratch,

and that the nest boxes have been well appointed.

Once the tour of the fresh apartment is complete and they've compared notes they'll go back to fertilising the weeds and digging up the flowering bulbs, but their house needs to pass inspection first.