Friday, July 23, 2010

Share and share alike

A while back I wrote about how Chesterfield the Finn x Merino wether likes to steal the horses' breakfast. Lately he's been nipping into their high-protein, formulated-for-elderly-horses (and clearly very tasty) supper mixes as well.

Normally Gem will get all snaky at thieving sheep. He doesn't with Chester. Gem has even been known to nip at precocious lambs testing the boundaries of equine tolerance by pestering him like flies. He's never threatened Chester. Chester always looks at him carefully first, asking nicely. Chester has an overbite that makes it difficult for him to graze. Perhaps Gem knows this. They eat peacefully together from the same small feed bucket. Sometimes they take turns to have a mouthful...

...each munching whilst the other loads up with another bite,

but they spend most of the time with heads down together. Perhaps Chester's woolly face keeps Gem's nose warm.

Or perhaps they have quiet conversations plotting farm domination over dinner together.