Friday, July 2, 2010

"Frosty, the Snow Ram"

There are some things Wilber the ram has yet to learn about the Hills he now lives in. Like how to avoid frost. He's not going grey, he just slept out in the open. That's ice all over his back.

Wool being the fantastic insulator it is, he can't feel it. He won't let us touch him of his own accord but Gimli and Elrond ask for rubs and scratches, so we know they're warm and dry under their quite substantial fleeces.

Wilber's discovered the frosty air is quite cold on your nose, however, especially if you have Merino wrinkles...

...and it makes your teeth chatter. The best thing to do is find somewhere warm for your face...

... like shoving it into a pile of hay. Always a good remedy.

Alternately you can hide your nose in your neighbour's fleece. That works too.