Thursday, July 15, 2010

Building an ark...

...might be a good idea if this rain keeps up. This is the creek across the road. Usually you can't even see it as it travels quietly down it's little ditch, about six feet deep. Today it was approximately five times it's normal flow, gushing through the neighbour's fence which didn't seem to like it much. There also appears to be another creek running parallel to it further up the hill, diverted by said fence. The wire bowed a lot, and collected a few saplings and other rubbish, but appears to have held until tonight. We'll see if we have cows in the front garden tomorrow.

Meanwhile, back on the farm, back on our farm anyway, we had our own duckpond in the citrus grove.

The actual duckpond, which has never held water much before, now does. It overflowed in several directions it shouldn't have so it's become apparent perhaps a little more work (hard slog with a shovel and wheelbarrow) on the walls and a bit of reseeding is in order. Quite a bit of reseeding probably.

And we have new creek of our own! In the middle of the home paddock.

The animals, having spent the best part of the night and morning with their backs to the wind and their heads down, were less than impressed.

Everyone has access to a hail-free place to go tonight anyway. Morning will tell if they've all been washed away.